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1.0 Subject – Object

Baudrillard: The objects only will is seduction – this is why it plays with its vassalage.1

Everybody must find it ridiculous to admit the claim of somebody to be an adequate subject. 

...this woman and all of us as objects do not like to be adored or thought about as fully-fledged subjects but also accepted as objects. That means: the woman wants to be accepted the way she is, as object with her not in terms filled immoral and extrasensory character. …… to be at the mercy of all and everybody…… plus she wants to be perfect and alluring and impossible to be owned. When she has discovered the latitude of the sexual object it is possible for her to act as a pure object, who knows all the games of love and psychology. Indeed, she will seduce you as an object and not as a subject and so you.

The Woman power sleeps in triumphal indifference as the triumphal absence of subjectivity. She is the mistress of the game. – “The object is the master of the game”.

I let it be like this, the fixation to women as objects by Baudrillard is fine to deal as a start into my work.

Regardless to the critics on sayings of Baudrillard - it is maybe just elegant nonsense.

It is a clear matter, that we cannot be seen by others as subject (or?) but as object (or?), oh yes, we can only detect us as subject to be an object. (Subject – Object – Split). 2

Trials to overcome this basic philosophical approach are not included.


2.0 Every human has a choice (There is a choice for everybody)

Sartre: Every human has a choice, there is no situation in which he is not having it, even under biggest pressure, there is the choice to commit suicide. 3
In one sense choice is possible, but what is not possible is not to choose. I can always choose, but I must know that if I do not choose, that is still a choice.4
The choice as an antinomy?
I think, man always choose, they make a decision even though if they do not, they decided it.
Simply, is there a possibility at any time to do the chosen or must there be hope, that somebody else will execute his decision. Then there is no choice at the end to his last will per se to commit suicide.
If he had chosen under biggest coercion he must have the hope to be killed. He then cannot choose when and under which cruel circumstances it may happen. His last option is to be seen as indirect choice. He surrenders. He is giving the execution of his choice to his expected killer to be. Is this hope, destiny? Anyways it leads into a vague result, as the case may be it ends fatal – years of agony or even liberty.
The hook in the choice.

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