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Antinomy and language

The outer perception is a constant pretention to achieve something, what could never be rated at by its nature.In a manner of speaking the contradiction is part of it.1

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Antinomy I

Antinomy is the keynote of my work.Created works of mine include my own predication, it declares my work as an oeuvre per se.Discrepancy will be recognized by the observer himself.2

Rationality and experience makes us try to find out the esthetic idea of the object. The thing itself and the truth itself will stay hidden. The cognition of things as they seem will be due to our cognitive experience and is just a subjective value. 3

No contradiction without language, the idiom which forces me to create thus creation based on words.

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Antinomy II

I tell stories, I label, I write something down....The metaphor is enough, there is no need to name it or make a note. 
Roland Barthes mentioned:"Images, full with detailed notes let us see pictures without stories.“4
Umberto Eco talks about: „Blur of an image".5
The semantic observation of the significant digit on the image will be analyzed versatile by each viewer.A wider range expends to deal with the subject.I try to add a lingual token, which makes a priori no sense at the end to the picture language in association to semiotic pictorial research. A further level will be open to the spectateur.
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Antinomy III 

Antinomy as inspiration.

Choc by Baudelaire

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