Peter Johann Hofmann (* 1953 in Vienna) Artistic activity since 1970, from 1974 the pseudonym Gir, henceforth signed with it. Peter Hofmann Gir works with the media of painting, object art, spatial installations, experimental film and photography. Graduated from the Graphic Arts School in Vienna. Since 1970 experimental film and holography in connection with the perception of stimuli and the sensory perceptions of the viewer. A number of projects are created, such as in the Electronics Club on the Judenplatz in Vienna.
- "Raum der sechs Sinne""Room of the "six senses", subject in a cabin (stimulus-nerve-brain reaction). Club Elektronik, Vienna
- "Project on the Kahlenberg", using a hologram, theaters of war (Vietnam War) and accident-prone Transport hubs in the city to broadcast "live".
- "Passio Oratorio - Wind Erlöscher unser", Development of their own language using characters and numbers. Translation of the Gospel of Matthew and own texts and poems. The sculptures remain on Crete and are photographed.
- "Steirischer Herbst 84", painting weeks at Poppendorf Castle (Styria). The first iron and rust objects to the pictures, called "The Poppendorfer Cycle"
- "Bilder nach Tönen und Töne nach Bilder","Images by Sounds and Sounds by Images". Based on created images and their lines and characters are generated tones and thus compositions are created.
- "die titanic ein meer voll licht", "the titanic a sea full of light", Edition Freibord Vienna, with compositions set to music by the guitarist Alfred Polansky, a catalog of the works and texts of Helmut Eisendle, Ferdinand Schmatz and Franz Josef Czernin. Here begins the work on the "bad picture" on the minimalistic reduced picture, a constant engagement with the language of everyday life and the propaganda of the despots.
- "Pound", installation, painting weeks in Buenconvento/Siena.
- "to Graz", Minoriten (Graz), a frieze twelve meters high.
- "Mauern und Wände""Räume und Strategien""Rahmen und soziales Umfeld", "Walls and Walls", "Spaces and Strategies", "Framework and Social Environment".
- "Reconquista", cassette with etchings, texts by Helmut Eisendle. On the occasion of a scholarship in Salzburg.
- "Hüte dich vor'm Alphabet""Beware of the alphabet", here a cycle of collages is developed using illustrations, writings and texts from the Third Reich, which "records" the manipulated language that is usually implanted unnoticed in the minds of the people. Own texts and texts by Ludwig Wittgenstein, Gerhard Jaschke and Rudolf Polanszky complete the catalog. Here, old window frames are used as the picture and slide, which Hofmann-Gir will later use again and again for his works.
- "Sesshaft oder der zynische Zwischenraum", " Sedentary or the cynical gap" A room made of window frames with newspaper pages on the panes. The viewer can only look inside through small openings. In the room a couch, a TV with advertisements and propoaganda films of the Third Reich and a cassette recorder from which the sound is added. Between the wall of the exhibition space and the installation there is an open space on one side, which is too narrow to get inside. This work, which was originally created on the occasion of Silvio Berlusconi's first term in office, led to a confrontation with the propaganda of the Third Reich, which, due to its unbelievable perfection, is best suited to deal with the topic of demagogy, representative of all despots. In the catalog texts by Herlmut Eisendle, Ferdinand Schmatz, Paul Virilio and Sylvère Lotringer. A soundfilm documentation was made for this work.
- "Paper Objects" from 2018, a series that takes its name from the previous works on paper, made of painted copper, wood and papier-mâché. These works are based on contradiction (antinomy), of knowledge and perception that the titled statement of the work offers the subjective viewer.
- "The hook" also in the objects so designated, this   supposed knowledge becomes a paradox shown.
- "Choc" is inspired by Benjamin's statement that Baudelaire parries the chocks that become an experience and at the same  time speaks of the experience one gains when breaking through it.
- “Subject-Object” these works are derived from Karl Jaspers, created in reference to Baudrillards and Sartre's writings on it. Sartre whose statement "everyone always has a choice" leads to Contradiction and "hook"
Selected solo and group exhibitions
-  „Raum der sechs Sinne“, Club Elektronik, Judenplatz, Wien
-  „Wind Erlöscher unser“, Süd-Kreta, Agia Galini
-  "Bilder, Briefe, Noten", Autoren Galerie 1, München
-  „steirischer Herbst 1984“
-  „Bilder nach Tönen- Töne nach Bildern“, Galerie Zell am See
-  1. Malersymposium Werfen
-  Museum Werfen
-  Traklhaus, Salzburg
-  Brennerarchiv, Innsbruck
-  Galerie Lindemann, Hamburg
-  Minoriten, Graz
-  Festwochen Wien
-  Malerwochen Buonconvento/Siena
-  Rupertinum, Salzburg
-  Tiroler Kunstpavillion, Innsbruck
-  Museum moderner Kunst, Bozen
-  Künstlerhaus Bregenz
-  Museum für angewandte Kunst Wien
-  Landesmuseum Klagenfurt
-  Städtische Galerie Lienz
-  Künstlerhaus Salzburg
-  Midas Galleries Wien
-  Galerie M+, Bratislava
-  Galerie Lang
-  Galerie Cosmos, Wien
-  Minoriten Graz
-  Museum Werfen, Salzburg
-  Diagonale 98 Graz
-  Museum der Moderne Salzburg
-  „Vom Tafelbild zum Wandobjekt“, zum Sammlungsbestand des Museums der Moderne Salzburg
-  Fundacja Forum Krasków, Polen
-  Museum of too Modern Art - Muzej
-  Premoderne Umetnosti, Slovenia
-  Galerie Konzett, Wien
-  Blau-Gelbe-Viertelsgalerie, Schloss Fischau
-  "KR1", Kollektion Reisenhofer, Gleisdorf
-  Fundacja Forum Kraskow, Polen
-  Spitalskirche Perchtoldsdorf
-  Exhibition at getsix, Wroclaw, Polen
-  "eyes on", Alte Schieberkammer, Wien
-  Int. Kunstprojekt, Kraskow, Polen
-  Goethe Institut Tokyo
-  Philharmonic, Irkutsk, Russland
-  artP NÖ
-  Galerie Bruno Massa, Paris, NYC, Seoul, Tbilisi
-  Parallel Vienna
art fairs
-  Art Basel
-  Art Frankfurt
-  Kunstmesse Wien

Selected Films

- Wenig Wehnedig, 1973,  https://youtu.be/vB14eusOO4E 

- New Orleans, 1974,  https://youtu.be/rIbm0yQyhEU

- Miami, 1974,  https://youtu.be/gDBjImHSkcg 

- DOT ROT TOT, 1976,  https://youtu.be/v0PWdDpxIw0

"Inside - Outside"

  "A Different View of the Whitney Museum", 1998


Awards and Scholarships
-  Internationale Malerwochen Schloß Poppendorf, "Steirischer Herbst" 
-  Atelierstipendium der Stadt Salzburg
-  Malersymposium Burg Werfen
-  Preis bei 21. Graphikwettbewerb, Innsbruck
-  Preis der Wiener Handelskammer
-  Ankaufspreis Wiener Handelskammer
-  Atelier Stipendium Budapest
-  Malerwochen Buonconvento, Siena

Works in museums and public collections

- Artothek des Bundes, Österreich
- MUSA, Wien
- Bank Austria Sammlung
- Handelskammer, Wien
- Rupertinum, Salzburg
- Museum Werfen, Salzburg
- Minoriten, Graz
- Museum der Moderne, Salzburg

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