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Charles Baudelaire,1) friend of the engraver Charles Meryon,2) who quotes his work "La rue des Chantres"3)
in the foreground at head height on a house wall with the inscription "Bains de Mer". See Benjamin, "The Arcade Work" (Vol. 1, p. 304)4).
Continued Mutual Appreciation Charles Baudelaire - Richard Wagner,5) "Richard Wagner et Tannhäuser à Paris"6) by Baudelaire, Verlag Dentu 1861.
The connection to Franz Liszt,7) the eleventh piece from Liszt's "Grande Etudes",8) is entitled "Harmonies du soir", as also a poem from "The Flowers of Evil"9).
In 1857 Claude Debussy10) also set Baudelaire's Harmonies du soir to music. Wagner's "New Music" inspired him. Perhaps Baudelaire's work "Tannhäuser"
was the impetus for Debussy to go to Bayreuth.