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Der Blick / The View                                                retour


The view of the other (Seeing through the other)
Sartre describes two basic attitudes versus other men, where in between we switch and those who exclude themselves.
To watch somebody as an object (to see the other person) or to be seen as an object by the other one’s awareness.
Practically all relations (love, insensibility, masochism) with fellow human beings arise from either attitude, whereat the relationship is insecure (“metastabil”) and changing.1
I am in a public park. Not far from me I see a lawn and along the grass some seats. A man passes by the chairs. I see this person and at the same time I recognize him as an object and as a human being. What is the meaning? What do I like to express, when I allege this object to be man?”

1 Jean-Paul Sartre: Das Sein und das Nichts. 16. Auflage. Rowohlt Taschenbuch, S. 636 - 637.

By the view of somebody else I adept the other one as freedom, which transfers me to an object.”